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More than just printing

We pride ourselves on our customer’s experience of making the whole process as easy as possible, whether it be printed t-shirts or other customized items. You will be sure to be given all the help and expertise you need to see your project through.

Our services include:


Full design capability, sitting down and chatting with our graphic department to create your brand and meet specific functional requirements.



A full spectrum of signage solutions, taking advantage of all the latest manufacturing processes, technologies and materials.

Project Management

Our staff will guide you and coordinate every stage of its development, from inception through to completion, taking into consideration design, functional and installation objectives, timing and budgetary parameters. 



A dedicated, fully-trained installation team, equipped, skilled and experienced in working with multiple contractors on-site. Once signs are installed, we provide maintenance programs to optimize their performance and protect your financial investment.

Value for Money

Our in-house work and competitive prices gives us the ability to offer customers quality products and service while saving time and money as an added value.   

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